Enroll at Concord High School

Concord High School, center of excellence, integrity and discipline might be the best place to enroll your child for their high school education.
The academic system in Concord high school in Rhodes, NSW Australia is the best system that will not only enable your child to maximize their potential but also set a good foundation to gaining access to their dream career.

The school is known to produce a high percentage of students who proceed to university with about 10-15% managing to attain ATARS above 90.

A Gifted and Talented stream has been created and consists of talented students who are encouraged to nurture and develop their talents. This more often than not shapes them into unbeatable professionals in the world of art.

There is also a high achievers programme for the 12th year and a coaching programme that runs after school. These provisions go a long way in motivating students to attain the best grades they can.

The school provides an opportunity for students interested in music and drama to participate in inter-school music and drama competitions which largely contribute to producing all round and creative citizens.

The teachers ensure a healthy relationship with their students as well as giving them maximum individual attention. This ranges from closely observing the students’ performance to involving parents in the academic affairs of their children by sending academic reports to the parents. Needless to say, the students are constantly on their toes to ensure the deliver their best academically.

The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) and the Essential secondary science assessment (ESSA) are just but a few of the tests that students are required to sit while at the Concord High School. NAPLAN is a test sat by all year 7and 9 students while the latter is for year 8 students. Parents receive a detailed report of their children’s test scores to keep them abreast with their academic performance.

Parents also have the opportunity to discuss their children’s welfare during the parent’s teachers meetings. However, these discussions need not be shelved till when the meetings are scheduled to take place and can be held at any other time if need be.

The state of the art facilities in the school enable the students to have a conducive learning environment. These include a well-equipped library with the best and latest editions of coursework as well as other books.

All said and done, the academic system at Concord High School is the best amongst other academic systems in Rhodes, NSW Australia.

Published on  May 15th, 2014

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